CEO Survey 2015

We live in an era of unprecedented digital change – the type of change that’s reshaping the relationship between customers and companies, breaking down the walls between industry sectors and, by extension, prompting forward-thinking CEOs to question the very business they’re in.
Dennis Nally

Global Salaries Rising in 2015

This year we are seeing a big turnaround when salary rises are compared with predicted inflation rates. Real pay is now rising in many European markets with previously struggling economies such as Greece and Ireland showing signs of recovery with small real rises.

The CEO Report

How do CEOs develop the skills they need to lead in a changing world? To answer that question, we partnered with the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford to speak to more than 150 CEOs representing a wide range of sectors around the world. Taken together, the interviews underscore the ways in which the role of CEO is changing, and point to the capabilities that will enable today’s leaders—and tomorrow’s—to prepare for, and thrive in, a business environment marked by uncertainty and change.
Valerie Germain
Managing Partner

Tech Talk: Internet of Things

Jan Höller, Principal Researcher at Ericsson Research explains how the Internet of Things is a fundamental transformation agent across a wide spectrum of industries and society.
Jan Höller
Principal Researcher at Ericsson Research

How Successful Companies Make Big Data Operational

There is little arguing the benefits and disruptive potential of Big Data. However, many organizations have not fully embedded Big Data in their operations. In fact, our research shows that only 13% have achieved full-scale production for their Big Data implementations.

The Lure and Limits of Global E-commerce

E-commerce is growing at a blinding pace, globally. Although the U.S. has experienced impressive online sales growth, more than 10 countries this year will outpace U.S. e-commerce growth, according to recent forecasts by eMarketer. APAC is growing faster than North America; moreover, China recently overtook the U.S. to become the largest e-commerce market in the world. Online growth in emerging markets will also fuel demand for U.S. brands, creating an attractive opportunity for domestic retailers to boost their revenues.

How record cash reserves are influencing corporate behavior

Financial conservatism served companies well in the downturn but in an economic recovery may be dragging companies into a vicious circle of cash accumulation at the expense of investment in growth. New research suggests markets are more rewarding of companies spending astutely in the pursuit of growth.
Iain Macmillan
Partner, Head of M&A & New Growth

G20 Digital Entrepreneurs

New Accenture research concludes that lifting existing barriers: digital skills shortage, logistics at scale, policy and regulation, access to local markets and access to finance, with the help of large companies and other bridgemakers, could help young entrepreneurs to create 10 million more youth jobs in G20 countries.
Bruno Berthon
Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Cross-Industry Strategy Lead
Pierre Nanterme
Chairman & CEO

Empowering HR Through Transformation

This report highlights several key insights on HR transformation plans, goals and progress at 1,048 organizations around the world along with Towers Watson's perspectives on HR service delivery success. This year's survey highlights HR functions empowering their organizations via three key themes: making smart investments, balancing efforts and managing change effectively.

Maximizing the Value of a Data Protection Program

The rising costs and increased media coverage of data breaches and the continued escalation of threats facing organizations has led to information security, particularly data protection, being discussed at the highest level. Boards and audit committees are expecting their information security functions to proactively report on the capabilities, maturity and effectiveness of their data protection activities.
Paul Van Kessel
Global IT Risk and Assurance Services Leader

Cross-Border Company Directors

Business is increasingly global - the challenge for multi-national companies is to make the most of the opportunities, whilst keeping up standards of good governance throughout the organisation. In this article we consider why global groups need to consider subsidiary governance and the responsibilities and protections of their group directors.
Lucy Fergusson

Beyond the Loyalty Paradox

Customers are changing. They expect businesses to want to have an appropriate relationship with them, in which they get treated as human beings. And they’re more loyal to businesses that do treat them like this. But most loyalty programs are designed in a way that creates instead a transactional relationship with the customer. In this gap—which we call the loyalty paradox—lives a whole world of cost, and a whole world of opportunity.
Andrew Curry
Craig Wood
Group President, Advisory Services

Inequality: Balancing the Extremes

Evidence is building that income and wealth inequality stifles countries' economic growth rates. At the Credit Suisse Research Institute's June 2014 meeting, foremost political, economic and business leaders examined the drivers of inequality, its links to the macro economy and what causes it to fall.
Michael O'Sullivan

Uncovering cash and insights from working capital

Although working capital management has long been a business-school staple, our research shows that performance is surprisingly variable, even among companies in the same industry. Companies that improve the performance of their working capital can generate cash and see benefits far beyond the finance department.
Ryan Davies
Associate Principal
David Merin

Cyber Security in M&A

A survey of 214 global deal-makers by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer reveals a growing awareness of the cyber threat. But it also shows respondents are yet to evaluate it in the same way as other risks that can undermine corporate value. In this report we explain the findings and share our five steps to effective cyber security due diligence
Edward Braham
Global Head of Corporate

Unlocking Investment in Infrastructure

Over the next 15 years, the gap between available funds and demand for infrastructure development around the world could be as much as $500 billion annually. This report focuses on whether improvements in accounting and corporate reporting could help to attract increased private financing by offering a broader, longer-term perspective on shareholder value creation.
Terry Harding
Global IFRS Financial Instruments Deputy Leader

The Global Workforce Crisis: $10 Trillion at Risk

Every economy’s ability to compete depends on a steady supply of human capital and talent. When that supply is inadequate, imbalances result, creating serious threats not only to the economy but also to social and political stability and future development. This impact, moreover, extends beyond borders.
Rainer Strack
Senior partner and managing director

How charity leaders use social media to thrive online

Many charities consider social media to be an important channel to deliver on their communications and fundraising goals. Some use social media to deliver services. However, few incorporate social media as a core strategy to capitalise on its interactive opportunity to engage with new communities – at least not yet.
Carol Rudge
Global Leader, Not for Profit

The Difficult Art of Quantifying Return on Digital Investments

What do you do when you are convinced of the merits of an investment based on your gut feeling, but you cannot create a compelling ROI-driven business case? That is the situation many digital pioneers face. In this paper we look in more detail at exactly why digital initiatives are difficult to measure; how organizations can make a best effort; and finally we offer some specific steps and approaches for getting started.
Subrahmanyam KVJ
Digital Transformation Consultant

The Rising CCO

Our Rising CCO research reveals that CCOs are increasingly adding digital and social media into their department oversight and responsibilities, as well as hiring more digital and social media experts. In fact, social media is expected to have the single greatest impact on the CCO’s job over the next few years, with 91 percent of CCOs reporting that they expect social media to increase in importance more than other communication tools.
Leslie Gaines-Ross
Chief Reputation Strategist